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Commercial lab software for desktops, tablets, and mobile devices.


The IndySoft Commercial Lab Management package offers businesses of any size the flexibility to manage both their internal quality needs and external customer demands, all the while keeping tabs on the day-to-day financial aspects of their operation. With support for leading enterprise platforms Commercial Lab Management is perfect for deployment on both growing and large-scale corporate systems. Through an exclusive process modeling engine, companies can configure their own event-driven system with checkpoints, rule sets and documentation at every point along the equipment path, ensuring assets are handled according to existing quality procedures.

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Latest Version

Version: 12.0.34
Released: 05/06/2019


  • Customizable GUI
  • Dashboard for Overall Process
  • Interactive Process Flowcharts
  • Multiple Views and Sessions
  • Highly Optimized for "Next Step" Process Control
  • Foreign Language Support
  • Unicode Interface and Data Compatible
  • Create Read-Only Interfaces for End Users
  • Support for Firebird, SQL Server, Oracle, and soon MySQL Databases
  • Deploy as detachable Single User, Web Tier, Direct LAN Database, or Cloud System.
  • Web Tier access compatible with major HTML5 compatible browsers
  • Unlimited Assets
  • Clustering of Assets by Company/Division
  • Hundreds of Industry-requested standard fields
  • Unlimited custom field capabilities
  • Embed images of equipment
  • Associate repair parts with assets
  • Perform GUM-based Uncertainty calculations in real-time.
  • Create unlimited companies or divisions in one database
  • Unlimited addresses for facilities, customers, etc.
  • Crib/Bin Storage of Assets
  • Location/Sub-location Storage
  • Departmental Ownership
  • Unlimited internal and external contact records
  • Store employee images for crib/bin identification
  • Store employee signatures for paperless signing of documents
  • Group people by working groups and/or departments & locations
  • Store training records used for verification of assets and related tasks
  • Dozens of pre-configured searches out of the box
  • Create custom searches with result and output/action options
  • Recall assets via bar coding
  • Click and build ad-hoc searches
  • Personal, Global, and Role-based distribution of searches
  • Reuse searches as reports or jump starts for paper-based reports
  • Complete access to every table and field
  • Search optimization options for large scale deployments
  • Link to searches from home and equipment views
  • Auto-Search feature allows one-click custom search routines
  • Search results can be bound to next process actions, speeding up workflow
  • Dozens of industry-requested included reports
  • Embedded report writer, no additional licensing required
  • Access to the entire database for custom searches
  • Distribution rules for reports
  • Automated generation of reports
  • Link to reports from home and equipment views
  • Included interactive Database Dictionary detailing tables and fields
  • Pre-built deliverable templates for certification, stickers, packing slips, and more
  • Create custom schedule types
  • Frequency/Interval and Accumulative Use (time, parts, uses) scheduling supported
  • Cast multiple schedules against assets
  • Create data calculation routines for skip days, rollbacks, EOM/BOM, CBU, CAU, SBU, and SAU routines
  • Customize data calculation routines based on equipment, event, and customer level information
  • Associate one or more procedures with a schedule type
  • Create, modify, or delete schedules through event actions
  • Create expected turnaround goal schedules for outsourced activity
  • Set goal dates upon receive of assets
  • Complete recall of any action carried out against an asset
  • History grids can be customized, grouped, sorted, and even exported in popular file formats for ad-hoc reporting
  • Storage of data at time of event along with generated documentation
  • Forward and Reverse Traceability Functions
  • Find assets, launch and navigate events, even fill in data through bar coding
  • RFID integration options
  • Automated Alarms sends reports and emails via Windows Task Scheduler
  • Templates and Cloning allow for quick creation of new assets
  • Automatically generate certificates, stickers, packing slips and more
  • Enter RS-232 triggered readings
  • Robust security system with thousands of checkpoints
  • Password encryption and composition rules
  • OAuth, LDAP, and custom authentication schemes
  • Field level validation rules
  • Central control of application preferences
  • Obscure financial information from technician views
  • Highly configurable system permits expansion to meet standards
  • Support for Pre ISO-9000 (qs/mil-spec)
  • ISO-9xxx series support
  • ISO-17025 Support
  • GUM Based Uncertainty Calculations
  • Studies including MSA 4th Edition and ANOVA


Feel free to browse the image gallery to get a feel for the application and rich features then reach out for a personal one-on-one or team-based demonstration of IndySoft in action.


IndySoft offers a range of deployment methods with our software to meet any budget. You can start with something as simple as a personal laptop edition or go for a full turnkey Enterprise system. With limited exceptions, all IndySoft products are compatible with each other and can expand in terms of licensing or additional functionality at any time.

IndySoft Cloud

Monthly online access to our software that is always on, and always up to date.

£249 Per user, per month.

  • No Licenses To Purchase
  • Microsoft SQL Server Platform
  • Same-day startup
  • Globally Accessible
  • Support Included

Perpetual Licenses

Permanently owned licenses installed on your system and maintained by your staff.

Per license pricing from £2,495.

  • You Own The Licenses
  • Choice from 4 Database Platforms
  • 2 Day Shipping or Same-day Download.
  • Installed on your network or cloud.
  • 1st year support (20%) required

* Please refer to our complete pricing guide for all options.
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Servers & Extensions

Go even further by extending the product with the following additional software packages from IndySoft.

The IndySoft Web Tier server allows HTML5 browser access direct to the application over the internet. Leveraging the power of modern browsers, the system permits a single installation of the product to be used globally, bypassing client installations completely. When local functionality is required, the included Web Tier Tools from IndySoft bridge your local folders, drives, printers, etc for a near seamless interaction between the web and desktop.


  • Centralized Install
  • Only requires a modern HTML5 web browser for access
  • Options for local resource interaction
  • Incredible speed/performance benefits

Web Tier Server

Per 25 session server license.


The HTTP/S Application Server is an SQL broker that streams data from Single Users and Network Editions under the HTTP/S protocol providing a much faster response time for data reconciliation. The server layer also shares the same HTTP.SYS layer from Windows that IIS uses, opening the door for easier deployment and HTTPS connectivity with stronger encryption of data over the Internet.


  • Allows Single or Multi-User clients to connect to central DB over Internet
  • HTTPS Protocol for secure data transfer
  • Included with Multi-User installs

HTTP/S Application Server

Free for synchronization with multi-user systems.


The IndySoft Fluke MET/CAL Import Utility offers a near seamless import of your Fluke MET/CAL results into IndySoft Calibration Management or Lab Management software. This solution allows a lab to retain usage of Fluke MET/CAL procedures while upgrading to a more robust and scalable asset management system. The utility is not a replacement for Fluke MET/CAL, but rather a bridge to optimize the use of both products.


  • Leverage existing investment in Fluke Met/CAL procedures.
  • Wizard-based interface guides you through the launching and data collection process.
  • Results pulled directly from the same data used for generation of MET/CAL certs
  • Custom mapping of accessory data columns to the IndySoft Calibration results grid.
  • Merge As-Found and As-Left data passes into one certificate.
  • Functions as both an immediate post-calibration or historical calibration import utility.

IndySoft Fluke MET/CAL Import Utility

Price reflects per-user license.


The Pipette Extension allows for assets to contain pipette data collection parameters which then feed into your calibration event. Within the calibration event a series of windows become available allowing you to connect to common RS-232 scales and perform pipette data collection per common industry accepted procedures all the while automatically performing the calculations and generating your final results.


  • RS-232 Data collection from popular scales
  • As found and as left data collection
  • Early exit on severe OOT conditions
  • Calculations based on industry standards
  • Storage of all collected data samples
  • Tight integration with Printbuilder for final cert creation.

Pipette Extension

Price reflects per-user license.


System Requirements


  • Minimum 1GB storage for initial IndySoft database.
  • Hardware specifications for Firebird located on the Firebird website.

SQL Server

  • Minimum 1GB storage for initial IndySoft database.
  • Hardware specifications for SQL Server located on the Microsoft website.


  • Minimum 1GB storage for initial database.
  • Hardware specifications for Oracle located on the Oracle website.

Minimum Hardware (by load with average usage)

Users Processor Memory CPU Special Storage
up to 10 I5/AMD equivalent 4 GB 1 @ 2GHz n/a
10 to 24 I5/AMD equivalent 8 GB 1 @ 2GHz n/a
25 to 49 Xeon,I7/AMD equivalent 16 GB 1 @ 2.5GHz n/a
50 and above I5/AMD equivalent 32 GB 2 @ 2.5GHz SSD Disk dedicated to the system

Over 50 concurrent sessions, use of server farm is recommended. Each server (physical or virtual) handling up to 50 concurrent users.

The type of hardware required will mostly depend on what kind of resources the applications you publish consume the most (CPU/memory/Disk). A server with SSD drives will greatly enhance the performance of IndySoft SQL based applications.

Operating system

Your hardware must use one of the operating systems below:

  • Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Corporate or Ultimate Edition
  • Windows 8 Professional/8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 2008 Server or 2008 R2/SBS
  • Windows 2012 Server or 2012 R2
  • Windows 2016 Server

32 and 64 bit are supported.

If you install on a Windows 2008 to 2016 make sure the RDS or Terminal Services roles as well as the RDS Terminal Services licensing role are not installed before installation.

For any Windows Home edition, remote access requires creation of local administrators users accounts.

Network parameters

The server instance must have a fixed IP address

Remote access (from Wide Area Network - WAN)

A DSL connection is recommended as well as a public fixed address. Without a fixed IP address, usage of a dynamic DNS service like, Google domains, or others will allow connectivity to machines with changing public IP addresses.

The TCP RDP port (by default 3389) must be opened both ways on your firewall.

Single User

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Drive Space: 3GB not counting database growth
  • Processor: Intel or AMD class machine at 2.0 Ghz or Higher recommended
  • Network: Only required if exchanging data with multi-user system
  • Internet: Only required if exchanging data externally with multi-user system via HTTP/S or VPN


  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Drive Space: 3GB not counting database growth
  • Processor: Intel or AMD class machine at 2.0 Ghz or Higher recommended
  • Network: Only required if connecting to internal database
  • Internet: Only required if connecting to external database via HTTP/S Server or VPN

Web-Tier via Browser

  • Devices/OS: Most tablets, laptops, desktops running a modern and widely distributed HTML5 compatible browser.
  • Popular Browsers: Google Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera
  • Network: Only required if connecting internally to web tier server
  • Internet: Only required if connecting externally to web tier server

Pipette Data Collection

  • Requires IndySoft Commercial Lab or Calibration Management
  • RS232 or USB to Serial adapter for device connectivity

Web-Based Certificates

  • Operating System: Windows Server 2008 R2 or Higher running IIS
  • RAM/Processor: Relative to concurrent usage of similar web sites
  • Drive Space: 100 MB

Fluke MetCal Import Utility

  • Requires IndySoft Commercial Lab or Calibration Management
  • MetCal version 8 or higher
  • Drive Space: 100 MB

HTTP/S Application Server

  • Operating System: Windows 7 and above, or Windows Server 2008 R2 and above
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Drive Space: 200 MB
  • Processor: Intel or AMD class machine at 2.0 Ghz or Higher recommended
  • Network: Required for internal connectivity to server.
  • Internet: Required for external connectivity to server.